What To Consider When Hiring A Software Consultant

Choosing Software Consultants

As Industries wade deeper into the Digital world, they often find themselves in a quagmire. While on the face of it, digitization of most of its functions create greater efficiency and reliability with lesser manpower, rapidly increasing profitability, Industries realize that as time goes on, the Software tends to become more complex, and the dependency on this Software increases. These companies generally employ Software Engineers on a more or less permanent basis, but that solves only half of the problems of continuous upgrading of digitization. Software Engineers who develop the original code/s belong to specialized companies who deliver to different customer-Industries, and the Industries themselves employ in-house Software Engineers to look after day to day problems. But for overall reviews and for upgrading or revamping the entire system or significant portions of it, the Industry has to call in Software Consultants. What to consider when hiring a Software Consultant is therefore an important function of Management, as this may ultimately determine the future of the company or industry concerned.

What Is Software?

Software is the opposite of Hardware, which describes the physical aspects of electronic digital computing equipment. Software concerns itself with instruction sets, applications, scripts, data or programs used to operate the computing equipment and execute specific tasks. Software is often divided into Systems Software and Applications Software. The Systems Software includes Operating Systems (OS), which manages all other applications programs, after being initially loaded into a computing machine by a “Boot Program”. The Applications Software uses the OS by making service requests through an API (Applications Program Interface). API also allows two or more software programs to communicate with each other.

What is a Software Consultant?

Software Developers write the initial code of functions, and makes a scheme covering one feature at a time, with reiterative manipulation to achieve the final objective. Software Consultants on the other hand assist with code reviews and re-factoring. “Testing and QA” is his area, while the codes are being written. Learn more about the role of a software consultant here. They must be able to create Draft Test Criteria for Review. They must also be able to perform System Peer Reviews. Diagnosis and Solution of technical issues are part of his main duties. He must be able to escalate, resolve and fine tune processes to suit the defined Objectives. While many consultants are well-rounded, there are those that specialize with different spaces or industries. When FFA Networks utilized a consultant for that casual dating app the helps a user find a local fuck tonight, it was important that they had someone familiar with the adult dating space and the unique challenges that it presented.

The Tool bag of a typical Software Consultant must contain the following minimum tools:

  • Core competences.
  • The BCG Growth Share Matrix
  • The GE McKinsey Nine-Box Matrix
  • Porter Five Forces
  • Benchmarking
  • Balanced Score Card
  • A strong background in Programming is essential.

Some physical tools that the Software Consultant must carry with him wherever he goes (and he does travel a lot, from company to company) are as follows:

  • Microsoft Outlook Delayed Outbox.
  • RSS Feed Reader.
  • Smartphone with Tethering Capability.
  • A Travel Sized Wireless Mouse.
  • Google.

Selecting a Software Consultant

To select Software Consultants, special skills are looked for by the Employers in the Consultant that render him or her more or less unique. It is important to be clear about What to consider when hiring a Software Consultant Some of these are as follows:

  • The Consultant must possess Self Awareness.
  • He must also be Commercially Aware.
  • Being an Eloquent Communicator helps to keep the Customer abreast with his proposals.
  • He must be an adept Presenter, who is able to confidently use the latest presentation techniques.
  • His previous work experience must be relevant to the area of review.
  • His record must be such as to inspire confidence in his capability.
  • He must be a natural Team Leader, and drive the Customer’s Management to his defined Objectives to benefit the core company.

Objective of a Software Consultant

The Objective or Target of a Software Consultant is called a Framework. An independent Software Consultant is hired by a Client to solve a problem or create an up-gradation that may not possible to carry out in-house. This is his Business Framework, which can be useful to analyze the issue, structure the thought process, and communicate the results/solutions and recommendations to the Client party. Finally, in order to be a great Software Consultant, the person must be a good listener, who is able to build a rapport with the Customer.