Software Development Vs. Software Consultancy

Say that you have a business, what does every business need? A computer system, especially if you are a big firm, not every business operates the same way and most of it will be done through special programs. The thing about these programs is that it is not just available in some store. They have to be created and altered to meet the business’ functions and ordeals. 

Creating programs that tell us what to do, how to do it, how it will be accomplished and such is not possible for us to do in 5 minutes. Writing and making sure that they work is what needs to be done, and this can take over a month, maybe even more than that, and you yourself cannot deal with it. Why? Well simply do you know how to code? Coding is the main part of this, it is how it enables everything to be done. If you can code special rules, and procedures telling that if this occurs then this is to happen and such then you can do it yourself. But it is extremely difficult to do, which is why you should meet with a software consultant, and gain advice on how to do such things, and which will be best for you. The after meet with a software developer so that you can execute your plan. Now you may be wondering aren’t both of those the same kinds of people. Well no, they are different, you have to know “what is a software developer vs. a software consultant” because the two can be very different, but seem so much alike. 

What Do They Do?

Here we have two kinds of people working in the same industry, and because of this people assume that it is the same, when it isn’t. Take for example a pideatriction and a surgeon, yes both are doctors, but they do not do the same thing. One is for children, and the other is meant to perform surgeries, and these two can know a few things about each others jobs, but that doesn’t mean that they can do it. 

So what is a software developer? Well this is a person who uses their skills to design, specify, program, and fix any bugs that may be on the software that they are creating. These kinds of people are the ones who specialize in coding. It can range from creating internal programs to help the business become more efficient. Or in the case of a website or web application actually creating and developing the software that the service is base on. With a company like Skip The Games they brought on a software development team to create and develop Skip The Games App their unique location based escort finder app. However, they utilize software consultants for a completely different aspect of their business.

So if you think this is what a software consultant does, then you’re a bit off. These people advise others, on how to write code, configure large applications, assist with bug fixes and so on. They will also analyze the computer systems of the business so that they can see if the software needs improving. Software consultants will work with software developers to strategize, and develop the software. They are only there to assist and advise whether or not what they are doing is a good and beneficial to the business. They will not be creating any software if you put it in simple terms. 

Why hire a software developer?

Taking into consideration what is a software developer vs. a software consultant you may assume that hiring a software developer may be the better choice. And to some extent you are, they hold a great amount of advantages. Now you could outsource a software developer, this is what most companies do because it is more cost effective, as in other countries that type of labour is cheaper than in the home country. Also you can search for more skilled workers as you would be looking at people all across the world. Now if you hire with a company then you gain ensure that the project gets finished, and that it will be detailed work, with less errors taking place. 

However both outsourcing and hiring from a company has its drawbacks, like you could have communication problems if you outsource, because there could always be the language barrier, and the cultural barrier as well. Further more they may not understand the company morals as they are not familiar with such things, so they may oppose to it. And sometimes you may have to judge the quality of the work because they may not actually meet your standards. Now if you take a look at it from hiring with a company it will be costly, even though the work may be sufficient it is still too costly. 

Is hiring a software consultant better?

You may be considering that if you hire a software consultant it would be better, because they also have a great deal of advantages, like how it will increase your productivity. This can occur as your employees don’t have to ponder for themselves to come up with solutions, this will be done by the consultant in  no time, so work can be done as efficiently as possible, no more having to wait. Also you can save money on your operating expenses, because they can determine what kinds of things are needed and not needed for the process, so now you won’t be spending no unnecessary things. Moreover all of this can help the business become more efficient as the knowledge and training is provided to make it all seem better. 

However this does have its own drawbacks too, like this can be pretty expensive, no matter if it from a company, freelancer, or even if it being outsourced, it is still expensive. Especially in the short term, because you need work, or advice as soon as possible, so they will charge more. Also after you hire them they may end up telling you what you already know, or it could have been something you could’ve identified yourself. So in the end it would be waste of time and money. 

Now what people have to know is that if they want to gain the maximum efficiency and do work to a certain degree, then hiring both would be the best way to go. Because they work together, one compliments the other. Often if there is enough base knowledge talented freelance developers and consultants can be hired at a great value and competitive cost.